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Do you have a dental question or concern?

Virtudent can help! 


Virtudent is committed to supporting our patients by providing online teledental consultations for anyone with dental related issues or pain. You can now consult with a dentist in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


It's Quick and Easy.

1. Book An Appointment

  • Choose a time that's convenient for you 
  • Complete your medical forms
  • We'll send you a link to a private online conference room 

2. Connect Online with a Dentist

  • Access the meeting link in a web browser on a laptop, tablet or smartphone at your reserved appointment time 
  • A Virtudent team member will check you in, review your medical history, answer questions, and help connect you to a dentist licensed in your state
  • Talk live with a dentist who will assess your situation and provide recommendations and advice

3. Get Follow Up Care as Needed

  • Your Virtudent dentist will provide any necessary prescriptions and referrals 
  • If needed, we'll help you find a local provider for further evaluation and care 


Get The Facts:

Where And When Is The Service Available? How Much Does It Cost?
Virtudent is offering Virtual Dental Consultations from 9:00 AM to 8 PM locally, Monday through Friday in the following states: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington.

In these states, we can bill your dental insurance provider directly for a limited oral evaluation. if you don't have dental insurance coverage, the cost will be the discounted rate of $49. 

In all other states, and for urgent questions, outside these hours, please go to our third-party partner, The TeleDentists for assistance. During the crisis the cost to you will be the discounted rate of $49. The TeleDentists does not have an option to bill for insurance.

How Can Virtual Dental Visits Help?
Our dentists can answer questions, provide advice, prescribe appropriate medication, and refer patients to a specialist when needed. They can help patients determine whether they have a serious condition that requires urgent treatment, or if there are things they can do to help alleviate symptoms at home until it's safe to get to their regular dentist. In addition to helping with toothaches and infections, people may ask the Virtudent dentist about oral healthcare situations such as what to do if they have trouble with a crown or filling, break a tooth or bridge, have tooth sensitivity or discoloration, notice sores or open lesions, experience soreness or discomfort while chewing, or grind and clench their teeth.

Why Is Teledentistry Critical Right Now?
During this exceptional time, traditional dental offices are being advised to close for non-emergency procedures. Emergency rooms may soon be overwhelmed by patients. Even in normal circumstances, emergency rooms are often not set up to diagnose and address dental issues. A teledentistry consultation is an effective alternative that can help you avoid an unnecessary trip outside your home or emergency room visit — potentially freeing up medical resources, saving you hundreds of dollars, and helping you avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

How Much Does It Cost?
During the coronavirus crisis, we will be doing everything we can to limit out-of-pocket costs. If you have dental insurance, we will bill your insurance provider for a limited oral evaluation. If you don’t have coverage, the cost of the visit will be a discounted rate of $49. You can pay by credit card, Venmo or your FSA/HSA card.

Why Trust Virtudent?
Virtudent’s mission is to make high-quality oral healthcare accessible to all. We pioneered the use of teledentistry in the workplace. As an on-site prevention-focused dental care provider, we’ve been trusted to provide secure, HIPAA-compliant virtual dental exams for over 10,000 patients at 250 workplace locations. Our team is friendly, caring, experienced and passionate about making the dental experience easy, accessible, and affordable.

Have further questions?
Contact us at dentist@myvirtudent.com.